Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh, Hey Guys!!

Hey guys!!  I know it's been forever since Brynn and I have been able to blow your mind....but I promise it was well worth the wait!!  This AMAZING model is the one and only Janae Godfrey of the Letter 4 blog!  We had her here in SLC for and entire weekend!  Best. Weekend. Ever.  Brynn did an absolutely amazing job stylin' up this chicka (I don't know anyone that can do lips like Brynn can do lips. Brilliant.).  Janae, her sister Jamie and I also had a Saturday morning shoot before Brynn was able to join check out those pics, hit up humbletakes!  We hope you enjoy the pics!!
PS - Janae will have what she is wearing listed at the Letter 4 when she does her beautiful madness post!

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